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The Exquisite World of Bisque or Porcelain Dolls

A bisque or porcelain doll is a doll made wholly or partially from bisque porcelain. Most 19th century bisque dolls are of French or German origin. Many bisque dolls were meant as luxurious playthings for girls and young women from wealthy families. Hence, many bisque dolls display a high level of artistry. They possess exquisitely crafted features, beautiful clothing, and extensive accouterments.

Most bisque dolls have a head fashioned from bisque porcelain and a body made from other materials such as papier-mâché or leather. Bisque was the material of choice for the head because its distinct matte finish gave the doll a realistic, skin-like texture. Moreover, bisque dolls normally have expressive eyes made from glass and a head of fine human hair.

The earliest European porcelain dolls were made in Germany between 1840 and 1880. They were called china dolls. However, high-quality French and German bisque dolls began overtaking the doll market after 1860, and their production would continue until after the First World War. The vast majority of luxurious bisque dolls were fashion dolls that sported the latest Parisian fashions. A vast supporting industry around the bisque doll market grew in time with craftsmen producing doll houses, clothing and accessories, and other accouterments to complement the dolls.

clothing for 18 inch dolls
produced until the mid 19th century represented grown up women. These dolls were meant to educate girls about the role of women in society. By the late 19th century, a major shift took place and more child-like dolls or bébés overtook the market. Bébés from the best French doll making companies were high-quality, expensive playthings that were fashioned with great skill and sported beautiful clothing.

However, by the late 19th century, German doll makers began taking over the market with less expensive
clothing for 18 inch dolls
. In response, French doll makers began making dolls of lesser quality and craftsmanship at a mass production level. Children did not seem to notice the dip in quality as these dolls continued to be many children’s cherished playthings.

Antique bisque
clothing for 18 inch dolls
are collector’s items and are often very valuable. The most expensive bisque doll ever sold went for US $200,000. However, prices vary depending on the quality and condition of the bisque doll and its accessories. Dolls that have detailed features and translucent skin with their original accessories tend to fetch higher prices with collectors.

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